How to Make a Media Kit

As a prior influencer marketing manager, nothing irked me more than a chaotic brain-dump of an email from folks hoping to partner with the brand. Like respectfully, you just wrote me a novel about why we should partner with you, and now you want me to do the research to figure out your follower count, engagement rate, and value to the company? I’m going to have to pass.

Here’s the thing: Depending on the size of the brand, a marketing manager like me may receive thousands of partnership requests. If you aren’t clear about the value you can provide to the brand — and sending your pitch in a format that’s quick to consume — they’re likely going to skip to the next person in their inbox. If you want brands to fork over a hefty amount of cash to partner with you, you have to show them you’d be a high-value partnership from the get-go. The secret? A kick-a$$ media kit. Here’s how to make a media kit that will actually catch their eye.

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