Product Review: Online Courses: Kajabi vs. Teachable

Launching online courses is one of the hottest ways to flex your knowhow and rake in massive amounts of passive income 💪🏽🤑

Don’t believe us? 

Take Krystal Wascher for example, who spilled all the beans about how she made $10,000 per month selling an online course that cost only $149.

Or even Tom Kuegler, who made $5,000 a month from online courses in 2020 - the year of ‘rona! (He’s also pretty generous in sharing how he did it.)

Oh, we’re sorry… You’ve never heard of them before? 

Well that’s even better 🤩 

Cuz that just proves that everyday Joes and Janes like you and me can get these same results! (with some effort, of course)

Just imagine what your life could be like… You put in a couple weeks or months of work, automate it all, and then Netflix and chill (😉) while the internet does the heavy lifting for you.

You’re on the hiiiiiiighway to… financial freedom 🎶😁 

(Side note: Use this course earnings calculator to play with audience size, conversion rate, and price needed to hit your #goals.)

Sound promising? Cool.

Anyways, there are oodles of online course platforms on the market, all vying for attention - and moolah 💲

But Kajabi and Teachable are two of the most highly recommended.

(I mean, both showed up continuously on page 1 Google results after five seconds - for instance, here, here, and here 🤷🏽‍♀️… Must be on to something)

So, we did the brunt of the work and whipped up a product review on Kajabi and Teachable to make things easier for you and your growing biz. 

👉🏽1️⃣ You’re welcome.

👉🏽2️⃣ Let’s hop to it 🐇

Kajabi Vs. Teachable – A Quick High-Level Comparison 

For starters, both Kajabi and Teachable are website builders and content management systems. However, there’s still plenty that separates them: 

Main difference? 

Kajabi is a one-stop shop for your online course creation, including the marketing side of things.

On the other hand, Teachable is just a platform for creating and delivering your online course. 

Sad day 😢

But we gotta keep mooooving on 🐄 

Kajabi Vs. Teachable – Course Setup and Delivery 

An online course platform's most important job is helping you create an engaging online course that will keep your wallet full 🤑 

(You’re obvs not thinking about doing all this work for the heck of it…)

Let’s see how their essential features measure up: 

Winner: Kajabi. 

Kajabi has a slight edge over Teachable here. 

Its collection of themes and community forum are 🔑 to keeping students entertained.

(Let’s be real here. Some people have the attention span of a 🐟 So, if customization and group interaction keeps students engaged and actually learning, more power to Kajabi.)

Just imagine the power of YOUR students collaborating with one another - and you, the creator - outside of the course 

Bumps things up to a whole ‘nother level 🔝

Plus, changing themes for each course spices things up 🔥

(You’re NOT just thinking of launching one course and that’s it, are you?? There’s SO much potential here! Go big or go home, peeps 🙄) 

OK, so let’s finish this with a point for Teachable before we continue rambling… 

Yes, Teachable offers you the opportunity to dish out certificates of completion to your students 🏆

But being completely honest, that’s not really a game-changer...#sorrynotsorry

Kajabi Vs. Teachable: Pricing 

I don’t care who you are. 

Pricing can be a dealbreaker, especially when you’re pinching pennies just starting off 👛

Could you imagine investing more money in programs than you actually earn? 😖 Yikes… 

You’d be in the red (a.k.a. losing money) before ever even breaking even… Talk about a rough start.

Let’s try and not have that happen, K? 

And to not have that happen, you need to understand what you’re getting yourself into financially before launching. 

As expected, Kajabi and Teachable have slightly different pricing models. 

So, here’s what you need to know about the both

Winner: Kajabi 👀

Yes, at first glance, Teachable looks better. (You can’t get any cheaper than free, amirite?)

But here’s why we think Kajabi is the clear winner

With Kajabi, you don’t need to worry about paying for extras. 

Your subscription covers everything, from course creation to sales funnels to email marketing (more on this later!). 

With Teachable, you’ll need to find third-party solutions for the same features. 

Meaning, asides from Teachable’s subscription fee, you’ll need to pony up some more of your hard earned cash for those extras 🐴

Your call… but don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

Kajabi Vs. Teachable – App Integrations 

Yo, third-party app integrations are the difference that make a difference in your online course experience.

Just two seconds ago we mentioned that you need them with Teachable if you want extra features…

So yeah, they’re kind of a big deal 😏 

They’re also super handy if you already have fav tools and plug-ins for your invoicing, lead generation, marketing, the yoozh.

Let’s see how Kajabi and Teachable compare: 

What Kajabi Offers 

Kajabi makes it easy peasy to use some of your favorite email marketing and analytics tools. 

Currently, the platform has built-in integrations for the following apps: 

  • MailChimp (obviously!!!!)

  • Aweber

  • ConvertKit

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Pixel

  • ClickFunnels

  • Segment

  • Drip

  • ActiveCampaign 

Aside from these, Kajabi also connects with the automation tool of automation tools (lol) – Zapier ✳ 

With Zapier, you can connect to over 1,000 third-party apps that aren’t normally included on the Kajabi platform.

Talk about options 😎 

What Teachable Offers 

Sadly, the options here are few and far between. In other words...

Teachable offers you five native third-party integrations, which are: 

  • Google Analytics

  • SumoMe

  • Segment

  • MailChimp

  • ConvertKit 

And if you want to integrate your sales funnels and Facebook Ads on Teachable (again, more on this below!), it doesn’t offer that currently. 

But, like with Kajabi, you can also integrate with other third-party apps using Zapier or Webhooks

(You don’t get this on the Teachable Free plan, though. Budget accordingly.) 

Winner: Kajabi 

Overall, Kajabi takes the cake on this one 🍰 

Not only does it offer more in-built integrations, but it also offers some incredibly valuable ones, like ClickFunnels and Facebook Pixel.

What’s the deal with ones like ClickFunnels and Facebook Pixel? You might ask 🤔

Let us explain… 

Basically, ClickFunnels allows non-programming entrepreneurs to take the guesswork out of building sales funnels and websites to sell products online.

Meaning you just enter in some info into their pre-made templates and voila! You’re making money without ever needing to say the word coding 👩🏽‍💻

And Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that helps you measure the effectiveness of your advertising. 

(Here we’re making a BIG assumption that you’re promoting your online courses on social media. If you’re not, we have just one word for you: #disappointing)

Basically, using integrations like these two lets you promote your courses better and quicker and make more money sooner 💲💲💲

Who wouldn’t want that?

Kajabi Vs. Teachable – Marketing 

You don’t just create online courses and then you’re done 🙄

No... Just nope.

That’s NEVER how it works. 

Unless you’re already an authority or influencer in your niche (and even then!), you’ll need to build awareness for your courses to keep those students - and money - pouring in 🚿

(Psst - Here are 8 ways to raise your course’s brand awareness, too.) 

TL;DR: Kajabi blows Teachable out of the water on the marketing side of things here.

Yes, both offer affiliate marketing, but that’s kind of where the similarities end. 

Kajabi Marketing

Kajabi has two powerful features – Pipelines and Automations – that up your online course marketing game significantly 🚀

With these two features, you can: 

1️⃣ Choose and customize engaging landing pages from tons of pre-made templates. 

2️⃣ Set up one-time or recurring emails to your students. 

3️⃣ Set up drip emails or email sequences depending on predetermined actions. (Explanation of the importance of this below!)  

4️⃣ Set up marketing and sales funnels for your courses. 

All of this can be done from Kajabi’s dashboard, no need to integrate with any third-party app. 

Teachable Marketing 

Teachable has some decent marketing features, but compared to Kajabi, it could be better 🙈

In Teachable, you can: 

1️⃣ Use one, semi-customizable landing template. 

2️⃣ Send basic email broadcasts, one-off announcements, and segment your email lists by courses. 

However, you can’t create email automations, nurture leads via drip emails, or create complex marketing funnels to get those buyers.

Again, slim pickings here. 

Winner: Kajabi 

In case you couldn’t tell already, Kajabi is the clear winner here. 

The automation and pipeline features are ah-mazinggg compared to Teachable’s measly landing page option and one-off email broadcasts.

🤐OK, so here’s a sort of lengthy example to help you grasp the importance of a drip email or email sequence.

Imagine you have 100 students enrolled 🏫 in your new course. But, you see 20% of them have stopped watching after Module 1. 

You’d probably send them an email saying something along the lines of: 

📧 Why you breakin’ my heart like that? 💔 I put all that effort in, and you don’t even appreciate it??? #rude 😤

(OK, maybe not word for word, but you get the point lol.)  

For the ones that are like “😮 Oh s***, I got caught up in other things. Let me get to it,” you’d excuse them and let them finish in peace.

And for the ones who don’t don’t give a rat’s a**, you may send another biz-professional, passive aggressive email, asking them what’s up 🤷🏽‍♀️


You obviously wouldn’t send the same emails to all students because everyone is at a different stage. 

1️⃣ The peeps who finished the course and received the second passive aggressive email would be like wtf is wrong with this chick 😒 

And 2️⃣, it’s just not conducive to business growth 🤓

When you meet students where they’re at every step of the way, they’ll be more willing to continue working with you, purchase from you in the future, or even recommend you to their friends.

👉🏽 Hot tip: Get this right, and word-of-mouth advertising will save you bucko bucks in paid advertising. Guaranteed. 

Kajabi Vs. Teachable – Real Reviews 

Seems like we have a clear fav here 😜 

Let’s check out reviews from actual users to see what folks are saying. 

Kajabi Reviews 

  • It’s a very powerful marketing automation tool. It’s very helpful for getting projects one without a web/development team needing to be involved in every step” – James C. 

  • It’s perfect if you create online courses. It handles everything for all my courses in one place” – Johanna E. 

  • It’s a simple platform that gives me all I need to run my advisory business” – Duane H. 

  • It’s very easy to use. I have no IT experience, and I am able to understand and set up everything” – Marc R. 

All these reviews are from G2

Teachable Reviews 

  • Teachable is great for a beginner course creator. It’s user-friendly and easy to upload videos and easy to create landing pages for your course” – Jessica L.

  • It’s easy to use and reliable. The platform has a lot of features” – Ricardo Alexandre F. 

  • It has a simple interface for new course creators” – Haylee G. 

  • It’s a simple interface for first-timers. You can get your course up and running within a day” – Eugene S 

All Teachable reviews are from G2

Did that help? Or confuse you further 😁 

What can we say? Teachable does seem to be an excellent option for beginner course creators.

Kajabi Vs. Teachable – Final Verdict  

While Kajabi seems to be hammering Teachable across every category, we still think both are great online course platforms

Yes, Kajabi has the leg up in course customization, marketing, and overall features. But Teachable is budget-friendly and has a simple user interface that beginner course creators rave over. 

Ultimately, your choice of platforms will depend on your personal preference.

Yes, we know. So generic to say - but it’s true! 😊 

Having said that, we will give you our last two cents

If you already have preferred email and marketing tools along with a website, Teachable might be the best option for you. 

It’s a platform built for delivering only online courses. 

However, if you need a one-stop shop to create, publish, and market your online course, Kajabi is your better bet. 

Ready to start creating?

Cuz we are. Thousands in passive income, here we comeeee 💪🏽

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